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The existing house has space to accommodate 16 residents, and by expanding capacity the retreat aims to serve the growing need for alternative recovery options. Donate Now 

Why we're asking for your help.

Taylor Made Retreat is working with a team led by ZGF Architects to design and build a new group of bunkhouses that will double the capacity of the Retreat, housing an additional 16 residents.

Supported on piers, the new structures will float among the grove of redwoods and lightly touch the forest floor below. Conceived as “treehouses”, the bunkhouses are designed for year-round occupancy and include beds, desks, storage, and adjoining toilet rooms.
A connection between the new treehouses and the existing house will be maintained via the pool deck, which will be re-envisioned as a community gathering space, ideal for meetings, performances, or speakers.

Where we're at now.

The projected cost to construct our treehouse complex is $3M. The real value in this project, however, isn't measured in dollars and cents, it's measured in the value of life-saving opportunities this construction will create for those we love and care about.

It's the value of saving the life of your son or daughter. It's the value of spending the holidays with your affected grandchild - this season, and for years to come. It's the value of getting to have your partner back, or being able to hug your loved one who had been on the path to death but is now engaging in a whole new life. It's the value of the renewed productivity of an employee who’s reengaging in work rather than dying from an overdose. If these values are multiplied over 16 treehouse beds and dozens of years, the return on this investment far outweighs the initial cost of construction.

$150,000 Funded

Hear from our Residents

Why don’t you stop fighting, just try it and watch what happens. – Nate S.

I have my family back; I am back in school – the gifts of this program are miraculous – Johnny D.

Residents of Taylor Made Retreat
Taylor Made Retreat TreeHouse Project

By the numbers.

Taylor Made Retreat is not a typical addiction treatment facility. In lieu of clinicians, they offer a supportive, educational program centered on community, compassion and immersion in the 12-step recovery process used by Alcoholics Anonymous. This approach has proven immensely successful and in their first year alone.

Sobriety Rate after 30 Day Residence & working the steps.

Sobriety Rate after 60+ Day Residence & working the steps.

Current occupancy

Planned occupancy with expansion

Project Roadmap

Project Fundraising

We are asking for your help, for your financial support, to complete the tree houses on our property. This project doubles our current capacity from 16 to 32 beds and increases our capacity to serve more clients in need. As we look to the future, we will also be working on installing a yurt to provide adequate room for larger meditation, yoga and exercise space. Additional plans for the Taylor Made Retreat site include providing new outdoor space for ceremonies like graduations, meetings and performances. Ultimately, once our on-site facilities are completed, we envision a further expansion of program services to assist our graduates in building the strong foundation necessary to sustain their new lives in recovery. These include sober living, job training and work searches. Our hope is to fully embrace every opportunity to meet people where they are and give them the tools they need for a successful life free of drugs and alcohol.

Schematic Design

Click on the “Plans Section” of this page to see our progress, and how close we are to completing this project. ZGF Architects, along with their highly skilled partners, has designed a clear path to success: taking this project from the initial planning stages all the way through to finished construction. Help us make these innovative and much-needed plans a reality!

Break Ground

We are launching our capital campaign to coincide with the holiday season of 2021 and year-end giving. We currently have a dollar-for-dollar match of up to $250,000 through December 31, 2021. Achieving this full match will provide $500,000 in construction funding ($250,000 in outside donations plus the $250,000 match) and allow us to break ground during the summer of 2022.

Project Completion

Construction on the treehouses is slated for year-end 2023. For more detail, see the attached timeline in the plans. We hope to build out the next phase of the internal facility build-out (the Yurt and outdoor pavilion) to coincide with the treehouse completion. Finally, our goal is to have the increased sober living support programs in place and operational in Washington, Multnomah and Clackamas counties by 2024, if not sooner.

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Taylor Made Retreat is housed in a 1933 mansion on SW Walker Rd, in Beaverton, Oregon Just a stone’s throw away from downtown Portland. Visit our main website for more photos >